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Petie® Automatic Feeder For Pets

Petie® Automatic Feeder For Pets

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💖  Meet Petie® Automatic Feeder For Pets

🎀 2-in-1 Design:

This pet automatic feeder combine pet food dispenser and pet water dispenser, includes a water bottle and a food can. It meet the dietary needs of pets for one week when you aren't in home. It is a good helper for feeding cats, dogs, rabbits and other small animals.

🎀 Large Capacity Food Container:

The food dispenser uses the principle of gravity supply, no electricity required, can be used anywhere. There is a switch at the bottom of the granary to control the speed and volume of the dry grain, and solve the feeding problem easily.


🎀 Automatic Water Feeder

The water bottle isusing siphon principle,it can automatically refill water. Once water level reaches certain line, the spring bottle would stop flowing. Pet automatic feeder is helpful to prevent water leakage, effectively control the supply speed.

🎀 Humanized Design



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